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I offer face-to-face, live video call and phone counselling. All these types of counselling have their own benefits and it's important you choose the right service for you.

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Some people prefer face-to-face counselling, which provides an opportunity to meet me in a separate location at a time that suits both both of us.




  • An opportunity to attend counselling at a location away from your home, where privacy can be guaranteed

  • Some find it easier to express themselves in person, rather than remotely

  • For some it feels more comfortable meeting their counsellor in person, being in the same room

  • Some issues are too complex for remote counselling

  • No need to find a private and confidential space ahead of each session





  • You might prefer to have some physical distance between yourself and the counsellor

  • Some find it easier to express themselves and/or open up when they don’t have to look the counsellor in the eyes

  • You may feel more comfortable having counselling in your own home





My room is confidential and there will be no interruptions. Phones must be left on silent to help maintain the confidential nature of our work and to allow us both the concentration that is needed.



Online counselling is a way for you to engage in counselling using internet technology such as telephone or live webcam video. You direct your counselling by selecting the method of communication you feel most comfortable with. Every effort is made to provide a safe and secure environment for your online therapy with encryption software to protect your confidentiality and security. Online counselling offers certain benefits but there are also limitations that are worth bearing in mind when deciding which type of therapy will best suit your needs.


Live video counselling via Zoom is a way for you to see me face-to-face from your computer whilst engaging in counselling. I will guide you through setting up your own encrypted Zoom account and you will meet me on Zoom at a time that we have previously arranged. Being able to see me gives you more of the benefits you get from face-to-face counselling but with the convenience of remote therapy. By talking, you hear the tone of voice which is a way to convey empathy and with video you see non-verbal communications such as facial expressions.


Telephone counselling is similar to live video counselling but without being able to see each other, which some people prefer. I can pick up non-verbal communication which can be carried in your tone of voice or the pace of speech.




  • Counselling in a place and at a time that suits you, including wearing comfortable clothes, bringing a cup of tea etc.

  • Secure inscription software offers confidentiality and peace of mind

  • No chance that you may be seen entering the counsellor’s practice and no need to commute after the session

  • Some find it easier to express their feelings when they can’t be seen

  • Access to counselling may be more immediate and I may be able to be a bit more flexible about scheduling

  • Flexibility to choose the technology you feel is best for you.




  • Are you comfortable using internet technology?

  • Would you prefer to see me face-to-face?

  • Do you feel you can express your feelings effectively using words?

  • Do you feel your situation is too complex to discuss via the internet?

  • Is there a computer terminal or phone that you can use privately without interruption?

  • When there are no nonverbal cues or body language for either of us to read, this can sometimes lead to misunderstanding

  • Bluetooth will have to be switched off, so that your phone doesn’t hook up to any other devices in the home accidentally




Live video counselling via Zoom takes place within a secure, encrypted environment to offer you confidentiality and safety and your counsellor will guide you through setting up a free account for your therapy.




  • Find a comfortable space with privacy, whether this is a comfy chair, car seat, garden etc. Make sure your back is suitably supported for our sessions that will last 50 minutes.

  • You may wish to put a note on a door or inform your family of where you’ll be and that you’re not to be disturbed.

  • Use headphones wherever possible as this will keep the content of our sessions private and improve sound quality.

  • Close all other applications on your browser, turn your phone on to silent and switch Bluetooth off to avoid connections with other devices.

  • Avoid alcohol and drugs prior to and during the session, as well as smoking. Pets are welcome but please be aware that this could be distracting for either of us

  • Give yourself time after the session to process the session before re-joining your family, working or making other calls




If you have chosen phone counselling, I will call you at the agreed time. If there is no response, I will wait and try again 5 minutes later. You are welcome to call me back.

I use a secure video conferencing platform called Zoom in order to protect our privacy and confidentiality. Our calls cannot be intercepted or recorded. If you have chosen Zoom counselling, I will send you a confirmation email before the session starts, which will contain the invitation information you need to log on. You may download Zoom prior to our session in preparation, however no prior download is necessary, and you may just connect directly from the link provided in my email to you.


The call quality on Zoom is usually very good. It can be improved by you using an Ethernet connection as opposed to Wi-Fi, however Wi-Fi or 3G/4G will usually work well too. Usually, if your internet is good enough to stream YouTube or Netflix, it is good enough for video conferencing. In the event that it is not possible to connect, I suggest trying to reconnect two times and then communicating via email or phone in order to decide whether to reschedule or attempt another method of communication.

If you have any questions regarding any of these forms of counselling, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the contacts page.

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